Have you ever given thought to the layout of a keyboard? The standard keyboard begins with the first six alpha keys QWERTY. There is another style you may have not considered called the abc style keyboard which features the alpha keys in alphabetic order. The abc is an easy to learn keyboard and is the keyboard designed for fast typing. Another consideration it is the abc keyboard can help those without traditional keyboard training, those who may not have the alphabet memorized, or for those who do not speak English. The abc keyboard delivers an easy and confidence building typing experience.

The abc keyboard is easy to learn, especially for young kids. These days young kids have access to keyboards earlier and earlier so the likelihood of reading before using the keyboard is outdated. They may have learned the alphabet and may be beginning to read but have not mastered the standard keyboard layout. An alphabetic keyboard is arranged in a logical manner, and it will be easier for non-computer users to find the desired keys, since they may not have learned to type on a traditional keyboard or it may have been a while since they had. The ABC style keyboard is also helpful for older people who may have not typed on a keyboard in years as the keys are arranged in a logical order.

Another advantage is that the abc keyboard is designed for fast typing. An abc extended keyboard allows for kids who have not memorized the standard keyboard and therefore they type faster. Instead of taking the time to guess where they keys are, it is easy to learn since they already know the alphabet. The abc keyboard also helps older people type faster which will give them the confidence to use it more. The abc keyboard is the best keyboard for fast typing.

For those who do not speak English, they will find the keyboard abc extended to be easy to learn as it is designed for fast typing since it follows the traditional abc order. This is the best keyboard for fast typing. The abc keyboard turns almost anyone into an instant typist!